The Duma has named who can be mobilized in the first place

Deputy Kartapolov: soldiers, foremen and warrant officers under 35 can be the first to mobilize Graduates of military departments will be called upon in case of demand for their specialties, he believes

As part of the partial mobilization in Russia, soldiers, foremen and warrant officers under the age of 35, as well as junior officers under 45, can be called up first of all, Interfax said. Head of the State Duma Defense Committee, Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov. A year ago, Kartapolov resigned as Deputy Minister of Defense to work in the Duma.

“We have three categories of those liable for military service. First— these are soldiers, foremen, warrant officers, warrant officers under 35 years old, and junior officers up to 45 years old, apparently, first of all, we will talk about them, & mdash; said the deputy.

In the event of a shortage of specialists with “some special” specialties, mobilization can be carried out among the storerooms of the second category. At the same time, “I think there is no need at all” to mobilize the storerooms of the third category, Kartapolov added.

Citizens in the reserve are divided into three categories according to age. The second category includes soldiers, foremen, warrant officers and midshipmen under 45 years old, junior officers under 50 years old. In the third — soldiers, foremen, warrant officers and warrant officers under 50 years old, junior officers up to 55 years old.

Kartapolov suggested that, first of all, storerooms that have “modern specialties” may be subject to mobilization. The deputy referred to them the operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), intelligence specialists, as well as signalmen. In addition, they can call up graduates of military departments if their specialties are in demand.

“The Ministry of Defense knows better what specialties will be mobilized, I can only guess,”— he noted.

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From the mobilized, several new units will be created, he continued, which will be engaged primarily in “covering the state border.” and the creation of “operational depth” on the directions of advancement of Russian troops in Ukraine.

Partial mobilization in Russia was announced earlier in the morning by President Vladimir Putin. The corresponding order has already been signed. The President said that such actions “are fully adequate to the threats” faced by Russia, and mobilization is needed to protect the independence and territory of the country.

300 thousand reservists will be called up (1.1% of the mobilization reserve), and this will not be done once, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said. “There is no provision for a wide-cut harvester to capture everyone quickly, no,” — assured the head of the Ministry of Defense. These are not some people who have never seen or heard anything about the army. “These are really those who: a) served; b) have a military specialty, that is, the specialty that is needed today in the armed forces; c) have combat experience»,— the minister said. The mobilization of students and conscripts is out of the question, Shoigu emphasized.

Putin promised to use “all means” to protect Russia, saying that Western countries are using “nuclear blackmail” against Moscow. The President pointed out that Russia has similar weapons. “This is not a bluff. Our independence and freedom will be secured by every means available,— Putin emphasized.

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