RIA Novosti reported on the use of rifles “Twilight” in Ukraine

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Lobaev SVLK14S sniper rifle “Dusk”

Snipers of the allied forces in the course of a special operation in Ukraine destroyed several dozen high-priority targets with ultra-long-range SVLK-14S “Dusk” rifles. About this “RIA Novosti” reported in the development company Lobaev Arms.

“Today, Lobaev Arms rifles, which are used by allied forces in a special military operation, show high performance. In particular, from SVLK-14S “Dusk” dozens of high-priority targets have already been destroyed, despite the limited number of these rifles on the front line, — told the company.

The developer explained that during the special operation, sniper units use several different models of Lobaev Arms rifles together. In particular, together with "Dusk" TSVL-8 M1 “Stalingrad” are used chambered for .338 LM/.300 WM or DXL-5 “Ravager” with cartridge .50 BMG (12.7×99 mm NATO sample).

Ultra-long-range rifle SVLK-14S “Dusk” developed by Lobaev Arms chambered for .375 Cheytac/.408 Cheytac. “Twilight” allows high-precision hitting targets at ranges over 2500 m.

The receiver is made of aluminum alloy, also used in the aircraft industry. The length of the weapon is 1570mm with a height (without sight) of 175mm and a width of 96mm. The weight of the rifle itself— 9.6 kg.

Formerly RIA Novosti reported on the use in Ukraine of new army sniper rifles Chukavin (SVCh), which should come to replace the SVD. “The first reviews of the new rifle complex were positive,” — said the interlocutor of the agency, specifying that the special forces received rifles under the domestic sniper cartridge 7.62 by 54mm.

The Chukavin sniper rifle was developed by the Kalashnikov Concern. (part of the state corporation “Rostec”). For the first time it was presented at the exhibition “Army-2017”. Weapon tests were completed in October last year. In “Kalashnikov” said they were successful.

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