The European Union did not rule out sanctions against the Russian payment system “Mir”

An EU representative told Izvestia that “any sanctions measures are possible” until Russia stops its special operation in Ukraine. According to him, discussions on sanctions against NSPK are confidential‎

The European Union does not exclude the imposition of sanctions against the Russian payment system “Mir” if Moscow does not stop the special military operation in Ukraine. About this “Izvestia” said the representative of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, Peter Stano Peter Stano.

“I do not exclude this, any sanctions measures are possible if Russia does not stop <…> [special operation] in Ukraine»,— said the diplomat in response to a corresponding request from the newspaper.

According to him, the EU countries are discussing the issue of sanctions against the NSPK, but so far these discussions «‎are confidential‎».

The United States imposed sanctions against NSPK General Director Vladimir Komplev, but the Mir card operator himself is not under restrictions. The US Treasury has not previously ruled out the imposition of secondary sanctions against foreign banks that enter into agreements with the MIR card operator.

Mir cards currently accepted in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, South Korea, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Work is also underway to launch card services in other countries, in particular in Iran.

On September 15, the Financial Times wrote that the United States and the European Union intend to increase pressure on Turkey due to the connection of local banks to the Mir payment system. At the same time, about problems with accepting Mir cards; in Turkish hotels, the Tourdom portal reported. With reference to one of the hotel chains, he wrote about the termination of card service by Vakif bank. A representative of the Titanic network told the portal that payments with Mir cards no longer hold Ziraat Bankasi, Is Bank, Deniz Bank due to the threat of sanctions.

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