Ex-CIA adviser: EU in the fight against Russia faced an unusual problem

The financial expert stressed that signs of a recession in Europe are already evident.

US financial expert, former CIA adviser James Rickards said that the West faced unusual problems in its desire to defeat Russia. In particular, an energy crisis is raging in Europe, provoked by economic sanctions imposed on Russia.

The publication “PolitRussia” with reference to The Daily Reckoning.

In order to somehow mitigate the problem for ordinary citizens, the authorities of Germany, Great Britain and the Czech Republic provided for the allocation of financial assistance. However, this assistance will only be a short-term relief and, in fact, involves useless steps.

The expert explained that at the moment, even subsidiary assistance will not be able to save or prevent the onset of winter for Europe, which will become the coldest in modern history .

For Europe, this means losing the economic confrontation with Russia. And the longer the economic sanctions last, the more the EU and the US will suffer, the expert stressed.

And if Italy began to show common sense, then Germany and Britain are in no hurry to do it.

At the same time, the economic downturn will directly affect the United States, since the European Union will be in a recession and will suffer from inflation, and therefore spend purchases of goods in the same quantity will be simply not capable. A global recession is not uncommon for the West at all.

“It is not unusual for one country or region to go into recession, but a synchronized global recession is extremely unusual”, — analyst says.

Signs of a recession in Europe are already evident: high energy prices, outright energy shortages and disruptions in supply chains exacerbated by sanctions, the closure of some industries due to a lack of essential components or strategic metals.

By winter, this will only get worse, the expert concluded.

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