How to distinguish fraudsters from bank employees?

Telephone scammers keep coming up with new ways to infiltrate the trust of a potential victim.

Recently, Post Bank employees exposed a fresh discovery of intruders, which is carried out in two stages. First, a person is allegedly called by bank employees and persistently offers a loan. And after a while they call back and thank you for successful registration. The victim is trying to figure out what happened, and gets involved in a conversation with scammers.

According to lawyer, honored lawyer of Russia Ivan Solovyov, discussions with telephone criminals can be dangerous .

“This is one of the & nbsp; traps in which callers are caught in order to start a conversation with them. The first target of the scammers — evoke an emotion in a person. It can be joy from a prize, fear from loss of money or surprise from some unexpected information. If a person doesn hang up the phone and starts trying to find out something, it results in the fact that he begins to give out confidential information about themselves. The most unprepared and completely begin to enter the card number, PIN and etc», — lawyer Ivan Solovyov explained to

According to a specialist, in order to distinguish a real loan offer from a fictitious one, you need to pay attention to loan conditions.

“In the first place, the low rate should alert. If it is below the market — so they are 99% scammers. At the same time, I can say with confidence: banks do not offer loans over the phone. They use the official newsletter (and then, if the bank has an aggressive marketing policy). When opening a link, you need to make sure that it does not lead to a double site, but to an official banking resource. Banks also never send advertising in instant messengers. If something came via WhatsApp and Viber — it is dangerous. Most banks are content with outdoor and TV advertising. About all their bets are known in advance. If you are not interested in a loan, you should immediately hang up. And if you need a loan — you have to go to the bank», — a lawyer advises.

If scammers report that someone has taken a loan in your name, you need to keep in mind that this is almost impossible.

"As for the legal point of view, if a person has not lost his passport and monitors his financial security, then nobody, of course, will issue a loan for him, — tells Ivan Solovyov, — And  here in the event of a loss, there are certain cases when microloans are issued for someone else's passport. However, this is not easy to do either. Criminals have to re-paste a photo or bribe an employee of a microfinance organization. In & nbsp; banks, such things definitely do not work. Because taking any loan is preceded by the signing of a loan agreement. If a person didn’t sign it, then, of course, there’s no what kind of loan it can be».

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