Indian PM tells Putin it’s ‘not the era of wars’

Indian Prime Minister Modi told Putin that this is “not an era of wars” Modi noted that India and Russia have been “stuck together for decades now” and that they need to work together to find solutions to food and fuel security

Narendra Modi

Now is not the time for conflict in the world, the focus should be on solving problems of food and fuel security, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

< p>"The current era— this is not the era of war, and we have discussed this during many telephone conversations. Today we have the opportunity to talk about how we can move forward on the path to peace. India and Russia have been sticking together for several decades, — Modi said (quoted by Times of India).

He said countries need to find ways to address food and fuel security issues, as well as problems related to fertilizer supplies.


Putin and Modi held talks on September 16, following the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan.

As the Kremlin press service reported, the president, at a meeting with the prime minister, said that he was aware of the position on the conflict in Ukraine and its concerns, and that Russia would do everything to stop it as quickly as possible. “Unfortunately, only the opposite side, the leadership of Ukraine, announced its refusal from the negotiation process, declared that it wants to achieve its goals by military means, as they say, on the battlefield,” — Putin noted. And he added that Moscow will keep Delhi informed about what is happening in Ukraine.

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