Cosmics and Phantoms. Ukrainian astronomers saw clusters of UFOs in the sky

We are already accustomed to the           are accustomed to the fact that the politicians           are accustomed to imitating its trends. Now, it seems that scientists have decided to go along the same path. In any case, those who observe the sky — astronomers.

The Kyiv Main Astronomical Observatory, in collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, has published a preprint stating that they have spotted an unusually large concentration of UFOs over the city. "We see them everywhere — write Ukrainian astronomers. — We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is unclear».

Following the example of the Pentagon

Those who don follow the subject of UFOs may be surprised: what does the West and its "influences" have to do with it? But  the whole point is that in recent years the American military department has regularly published information about  unidentified phenomena” that the US Navy pilots see in the sky. It has become sort of a trend. It can be said that the Pentagon neither with and this and this"fell in love" UFO.

In 2017, the US Department of Defense published a video in which pilots of two F/A-18 fighters recorded an unknown object the size of a private jet. In 2020, three UFO videos were recognized as authentic. All of them were filmed in previous years. One of the UFOs was in the shape of a "top that moved against the wind", the other — in the form of a sphere enclosed in a cube".

Later, the Pentagon made public 8 more incidents that occurred from June 2013 to February 2019 in the sky over the Atlantic Ocean. For example, the pilot of the carrier-based attack aircraft “Super Hornet” saw in the air “an unknown aircraft about the size of” a silver suitcase. At that moment, not a single aircraft was allowed into the airspace, which caused bewilderment, moreover, the object was hardly tracked on radars. Another pilot collided with two UFOs, and the military again failed to identify these objects and understand who controls them. All this is recorded in reports.

Two years ago, the Pentagon even established a Task Force on Unidentified Air Phenomena (they don't use the term “UFO” (UFO), but prefer the abbreviation UAP, which means “Unidentified Air Phenomena”). And in the summer of 2021, they published a report describing meetings with UAP over the last 17 years. It mentions 144 episodes, and only one shows a rational explanation (the mysterious object turned out to be a deflating balloon), and in   11 cases, American pilots were close to collision with "flying saucers".

At the same time, the published 144 incidents were only the tip of the iceberg, experts considered. Guessing what caused the Pentagon's interest in this topic, which has always been the lot of freaks and poorly educated people, they agreed in the opinion that everyone wins in this case: the military after such “revelations” can count on an increase in budget funding (the sky must be protected           must  be sure     of Russians), politicians portray violent activity and distract the population from internal problems, and the public gets sensational and… is really distracted from problems.

“Idiocy is amazing”

Now, it seems, Ukrainian scientists are also counting on their “winning”, having decided to show that they, too, do not slurp bast shoes. Astronomers of the Kyiv Observatory, together with the National Academy of Sciences, published a preprint (a version of a research article posted in the open access before publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal), in which they admit that they see in the sky above the capital Nezalezhnaya “a significant number of objects, whose nature is unclear.

The mood of Ukrainian researchers of “unidentified air phenomena” is found from the first same paragraphs of the article. “NASA commissioned a research team to study unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), sightings of events that, from a scientific point of view, cannot be identified as known natural phenomena, —    they write. — The Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine also conducts an independent study of UAP. We used two meteor stations for UAP observations. The observations were made with color video cameras in the daytime sky. We developed a special surveillance technique to detect and characterize UAPs».

Ukrainian astronomers describe two types of UFOs. The first one they call “cosmics” (“luminous objects, brighter than the background of the sky”) and emphasize that they give them the names of birds — swifts, falcons and eagles. Second — “phantoms”. These are dark objects that do not have high contrast. They absorb radiation falling on them. The main characteristic of the UFOs observed by the people of Kiev is their extremely high speed. They fly so fast that they are very difficult to photograph, and can only be detected with the help of special equipment: it takes four tenths of a second to record an event.

“Flights of single, group and   said in the  article. — Observations from two points with two synchronized cameras made it possible to detect a variable object at an altitude of 1170 km. It blinks for one hundredth of a second with an average frequency of 20Hz».

The article does not make any assumptions about the nature of these objects, it only talks about their presence and incredible characteristics. “We see them everywhere”, — Kyiv scientists report enthusiastically.

About "amazing discovery" Ukrainian astronomers, apparently determined to keep up with their politicians, wrote the American edition of the New York Post. The article provoked a strong reaction from his readers. Someone reminded us that fighting was going on in Ukraine, so unidentified flying objects in the sky should not should be surprised. Someone has suggested that President Biden supplies this country in abundance not only with arms and money, but and consciousness-expanding psychoactive substances.

A  one reader managed with a laconic comment: “The idiocy is amazing.”

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