The death of the deputy head of the administration of Nova Kakhovka turned out to be a staging

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Vitaly Gura

Vitaliy Gura, deputy head of the military-civilian administration of Nova Kakhovka, is alive, reports of his death were part of an operation to save him from an assassination attempt by Ukraine. This was reported by Channel One, which also showed footage of Gura.

“In early August, law enforcement agencies approached me and showed that an attempt was being made on me … They provided a record that want to kill me»,— Gura stated.

The same audio recordings were provided to the deputy chief of police in Nova Kakhovka, Sergei Tomko. Now he is under state protection. The story says that Ilya Bondarchuk, an ex-employee of the SBU in Kherson, who left the territory of the region and remotely led a sabotage group, tried to organize the assassination attempt. Vitaly Guru was assassinated, the Russian state agencies TASS and RIA Novosti reported citing sources on August 6. According to the agencies, unknown people opened fire at Gura's house with a Makarov pistol. Spent cartridge cases were found at the scene, and the official “with numerous bullet wounds” was taken to a hospital, and then decided to be sent to a hospital in the Crimea.

In the evening of the same day, the head of the administration of the Kakhovka district, Vladimir Leontiev, said that Gura had died after the assassination attempt. VGTRK correspondent Yuri Kotenok wrote in his Telegram channel that Gura died while being transported to the Crimea.

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