The Polish Sejm threatened to present territorial claims to the Czech Republic

The proposal to demand from the Czech Republic 368 hectares of territory was made by a deputy from the ruling party, Yaroslav Kraevsky. The dispute between Warsaw and Prague has been going on for many years over the division of the border in 1958 media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

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Yaroslav Kraevsky

The Polish government may soon make territorial claims against the Czech Republic, demanding 368 hectares from it as part of compensation for the unfavorable demarcation of the Polish-Czechoslovak border in the 1950s, reports Rzeczpospolita, citing a letter from a member of the ruling Law and Justice party; Yaroslav Krajewski.

“Since 1992, the Polish-Czech Border Commission has dealt with the case, and in 2005 the Czech government even offered financial compensation. <…> I think this [making territorial claims] is correct,— the deputy told the publication.

However, the deputy from the Civic Platform party Jan Olbricht criticized this initiative. “The situation in which both Europe and the world find themselves because of the conflict in Ukraine is not suitable for resolving disputes with neighbors,” — noted the politician.

In response, Kraevsky stated that “there will never be a good time to enforce the requirements.”

We are talking about compensation for the demarcation of the Polish-Czechoslovak border in 1958. After the signing of an agreement to end the border disputes between Poland and Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovakia received 1205.90 hectares, and Poland— 837.46 ha

On September 1, the head of the Law and Justice party Yaroslav Kaczynski announced Poland's intention to demand 6.2 trillion zlotys (about $1.3 trillion) in reparations from Germany for damages in World War II. He expressed the opinion that the said amount was “totally acceptable”. for the German economy and “will in no way burden” her. Kaczynski also explained that a significant part of the amount is “compensation for the death of more than 5.2 million Polish citizens.”

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In 2017, a special commission of the Polish Sejm on reparations estimated the damage caused by Germany during the Second World War at $48.8 billion. The following year, the required amount was increased to $850 billion, and then reduced to $ 543 billion. As a result, the Polish authorities decided to recalculate the amount of reparations “according to the new technology.”

Although the German authorities recognize the country's responsibility for the Second World War, they repeatedly refused Poland, referring to the resolution of the Polish Sejm of 1953 . The document states that Germany has fulfilled all obligations to compensate for the damage. In addition, in 1991, Berlin paid another €1.3 billion to Poland as part of the Neighborhood Agreement.

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