Kyiv claimed responsibility for explosions at an airfield in Crimea

A series of UAF missile strikes on Crimean air bases, including the Saki airfield, is mentioned in an article by Commander-in-Chief of the UAF Valery Zaluzhny. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, there was “no fire impact” on the airfield

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Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny and First Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee Mykhailo Zabrodsky in a joint article for Ukrinform said Ukraine launched a “series of successful missile strikes against Crimean air bases,” including the Saki military airfield. This is the first time that the Ukrainian military leadership admits involvement in the explosions in Crimea.

The authors of the article talk about “the successful efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to physically transfer hostilities to the temporarily occupied territory” Crimea. “We are talking about a series of successful missile strikes on the enemy’s Crimean airbases, primarily— at the airfield Saki»,— it says in the text.

Explosions at the Saki airfield thundered on August 9. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that several aviation munitions detonated at the storage site. According to the department, “no fire impact” it was at the airport. Aviation equipment was not damaged. Sources of the Interfax agencies and “RIA Novosti” the main version was a violation of security rules.

Crimean authorities reported six injured and one dead. The head of the region, Sergei Aksyonov, said that a criminal case had been initiated into the explosions. Later, he estimated the total damage from this incident and the explosion of ammunition in the Dzhankoy district at 700 million rubles.


Until today, Kyiv has not officially claimed responsibility for what happened at the Saki airfield, but The New York Times, citing an unnamed representative of the Ukrainian armed forces, wrote on the day of the explosions that Ukraine was behind them. CNN, citing a report from the Ukrainian government that came into its possession, reported that Kyiv admits responsibility for attacks on Russian military bases and an arms depot on the peninsula.

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