Smallpox will be defeated again. What is the new cure for monkey disease scientists have found?

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The fields of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) are filled with important medical news regarding both smallpox and monkeypox, which continues to roam the world today. head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

Moreover, this is not even one piece of news, but two — they refer to a new vaccine and a new cure for smallpox. We emphasize that they will be effective against monkeypox as well.

 We will have a full arsenal of remedies against all types of smallpox

Here is the first news, which was announced by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova: “We we have a new vaccine preparation against smallpox, which , I hope just just a few days have to get out registration, we are waiting for this decision».

And here the second one: “We we will ready from smallpox, I think<…> in  to receive a new fourth-generation drug within the next weeks».

Both news are breakthrough — they relate to ultra-modern means. And this shows that Russia is the world leading power in infection control.

Who remembers the old…

And after all, these drugs became possible only because in the 1990s in SSC of Virology and Biotechnology “Vector” smallpox virus was preserved in Novosibirsk. Then the United States, which also has a collection of such viruses, insistently offered to destroy them. And Russia has been criticized by many for refusing to do so.

But from today's time we see how wise this decision was. Even if you believe the Americans wouldn keep thepoxvirus just in case, you are losing in in 2014  in US the National Institutes of Health low-temperature refrigerator accidentally discovered forgotten glass ampoules that had been stored for more than 60 years — they had the variola virus in 

But let take a closer look at the vaccine and the drug. Why are they unique? Both of them were developed in "Vector", because only here there is a virus necessary for the development of a vaccine and a drug.

In Russia has created the best vaccine against smallpox

“Vector” applied for registration of a new smallpox vaccine in May of this year. Just days after the first case of monkeypox was identified in England. Naturally, it wasn developed in these days, it was created and tested earlier.

It would seem, why do this, because WHO announced the victory over smallpox back in 1979. In fact, the risks of a variola virus recurrence remain. It may appear as a result of the thawing of permafrost zones, in which smallpox burials are located. Well and about monkeypox and you don need  — the current outbreak is not the first in history. And probably not the last one. Before they were already not only in Africa, but and in Great Britain, Israel, Singapore and the USA. In addition, the emergence of new orthopoxviruses dangerous to humans (these are “blood” relatives of natural and monkeypox viruses) is not ruled out. And   you have to be prepared for these challenges.

Vector's vaccine called “OrthopoxVac”, it is made on the basis of a weakened live vaccinia virus. Until now, only third-generation vaccines from attenuated smallpox viruses have been available in the world. They give a reduced immune response, and therefore they need to be vaccinated several times. Russia has taken the next step in the development of vaccines.

“We” have developed a new, fourth generation vaccine, in which five virulence genes and one gene that inhibits the development of the immune response have been deleted. That is deletion of this sixth gene increases the immune response to administration of the vaccinia virus», — tells chief researcher of the department of genomic research “Vector” Rospotrebnadzor Sergei Shchelkunov. To summarize, the new vaccine is safe, because it has removed the most dangerous virulence genes, and is more effective due to the removal of the gene that suppresses the immune response of our body.

There are only two cures for smallpox in the world, and one —  we 

8 August "Vector" also filed an application for registration of a new smallpox drug. The fourth generation drug is effective against all types of orthopoxviruses, which include the monkeypox virus. The medicine was developed by scientists of the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry named after V.I. N. N. Vorozhtsova together with the specialists of “Vector” and is called NIOH-14.

The drug has a direct antiviral effect, it blocks the formation of the virus envelope without which it cannot exist. The  drug has a competitor — American drug ST-246. But appearance of our NIOCH-14 is very important for the whole world. Indeed, a few years ago, WHO set scientists the task of creating a second drug with a different mechanism of action, because resistance to an American drug may arise, and there will be nothing to replace it.

And our scientists solved this problem. Moreover, NIOH-14 has a lot of advantages. It virtually non-toxic and acts in a very small dosage.

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