The words of the head of the German Foreign Ministry about the support of Ukraine angered the Germans

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock has come under heavy criticism after her statement, in which she assured that she will keep her promise to the citizens of Ukraine, even if her German voters do not like it very much.


“I promised the citizens of Ukraine that we would be with them as long as necessary, and I want to keep this promise. It doesn’t matter what my German voters think,” is the very statement of Berbo that shocked many German politicians, RIA Novosti reports.

Thus, the Bundestag deputy, the former head of the parliamentary faction of the Left passages the minister is a “danger” for Germany.

“The head of the Foreign Ministry, who rejects diplomacy and despises protesters against the consequences of insane sanctions with the words “Ukraine is above everything, and citizens are indifferent”, is a complete failure!”, – said the Bundestag deputy from Left Party Sevim Dagdelen.

“He who obviously doesn't care about the interests of the German voters has no place as a minister anymore. We need a diplomat who will defend the interests of the citizens of Germany and advocate for peace between Russia and Ukraine,” added the co-chair of the “Alternative for Germany” Alisa Weidel.



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