The experience of the special operation will be studied in military universities

Sergey Shoigu congratulated the cadets on the Day of Knowledge

More than 2,500 students and more than 61,000 cadets, including 900 girls, are starting classes at educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense. In addition, 7,000 foreign servicemen from 69 countries have been admitted to Russian military universities.

Photo: MIL.RU

About this Thursday, September 1, at a ceremony at the Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command School. General of the Army Margelov was informed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

According to the minister, the main efforts in the new academic year will be focused on the practical component using the experience of special tasks.

— The peculiarities of new methods of conducting combat operations, the use by the enemy of promising means of destruction, reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare and control. For this purpose, adjustments have been made to the training programs in universities, a modern educational and material base has been created, teachers of special disciplines have been trained in the army, – Shoigu said.

Turning to the Suvorov, Nakhimov, cadets and pupils, the minister noted the main thing for them is to successfully master knowledge, develop self-discipline, learn to make bold decisions and be responsible for their actions.


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