What is known about the new pneumonia outbreak in Argentina?

Two people have died in the Argentine province of Tucuman due to pneumonia of unknown origin. In total, six people were diagnosed with the disease, according to La Nacion.

Where did the outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin occur?

The disease was diagnosed in one patient and five employees of a private hospital in Tucuman. At the moment, three patients are hospitalized and are in serious condition, another person has a mild course of the disease.

What is known about the victims of pneumonia?

The first to die from an unknown disease was a 68-year-old doctor. It is currently unknown if he had any comorbidities. The results of his autopsy have not yet been made public. The second victim of the disease was a 45-year-old nurse.

Bilateral pneumonia led to the death of both hospital staff.

What symptoms did the patients have?

Patients experience fever, muscle pain and shortness of breath. At the same time, tests of patients for coronavirus, influenza, hantavirus and 25 types of bacteria gave a negative result.

How is the investigation of an outbreak of an unknown disease going?

The Ministry of Health of Tucuman began an investigation into an infectious outbreak for about nine days back. The clinic where it happened was closed for quarantine. The samples taken during the investigation were sent to the capital of the country, at the moment they are being analyzed.

Specialists continue to look for the cause of the pneumonia outbreak. In particular, they also test water and air conditioning systems.

Is there any danger to the population?

The director of the clinic stressed that the situation is under control and local residents should not worry. He recalled that numerous cultures for viruses and bacteria have so far yielded negative results. In addition, no new cases have been reported in the province.



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