A place where they learn to learn. A new building has been opened in Khoroshkole

On September 1, 2022, a new building was opened in one of the most modern schools in the country, the Moscow Khoroshkole. School classes in it are made in different styles, and six scientific laboratories are located in a unique space connecting the underground gymnasium and gymnasium. The emergence of a new educational space made it possible to increase the number of places to 1300 people.

For schoolchildren of different ages

Horoshkola was founded in 2013 — then a kindergarten and a progymnasium (elementary school) opened their doors, four years later the gymnasium began to work, and in 2020 the first graduation took place.

Opening of a new building for primary school students — next step in school development. The total area of ​​the building was 17.5 thousand square meters. It was built in just a year and a half using the latest technologies and best world practices. School classes are made in different styles: mountains for first graders, climatic zones — for students of the second grade, the sea — for third-graders, and cities — for the fourth grade. Special attention deserves the unique space — “Temple of Science”, connecting the underground gymnasium and gymnasium. It houses six scientific laboratories: natural sciences, robotics, art sciences, and so on. There is also a pottery workshop, a large sports hall that can easily be transformed into a concert hall for up to 800 people, a sports and fitness area with a climbing wall, a game tree and a cascading stream.

Photo: Khoroshkoly press service

At the solemn line in the new building on September 1, the children were congratulated on the start of the new academic year by the President, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank German Gref.

< p>«New progymnasium of Khoroshkoly — it is an investment in the future of our children. I am sure that the future can be created by ourselves, and new content must have a new form. What we have been creating these two years — two years of research, two years of studying the best world practices, — all this is embodied here today. Six laboratories, a huge presentation space for creativity are located in a new project, which we called the “Temple of Science”. Guys from two schools, senior and junior, will meet here, implement projects and fulfill themselves. There are no analogues anywhere for two schools, senior and junior, to be connected by such a space. We started with the design of an ordinary passage, and ended up with an entire underground laboratory complex “Temple of Science”. No other school in the country has such a complex. Once again, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped to implement this unique project!» — said German Gref.

Photo: Press Service of the Horoschool

Learning without traditional grades

The main difference between Horoshkola and other schools — personalized education model. Teachers and parents, working in tandem, help the child build their individual educational trajectory, unlock their potential, understand their strengths and weaknesses, learn to set and achieve goals. At the same time, the training fully complies with the federal state educational standard.

The older the child, the more often he makes an independent choice regarding his education. From the eighth grade, pre-profile training starts, which involves an in-depth study of individual subjects of the student's choice. And in grades 10-11, an intensive immersion in the chosen educational profile begins. In Khoroshkola, they say that high school students rarely change their choice, which shows that the learning trajectory is built correctly, and the decision was made by the student himself.

Another feature of the school — shifting focus from subject-oriented learning (hard skills) to the development of flexible (soft skills) and digital skills (digital skills), which are extremely relevant in the modern world. The student learns and simultaneously masters life skills (emotional intelligence, teamwork, time management, goal setting, leadership qualities, adaptability, creativity, and so on), which, in turn, increase the effectiveness of the educational process. Soft skills are also developed in extracurricular activities. Children have access to elective courses, project work, including in accelerators, and much more. All this, moreover, helps to form the philosophy of lifelong learning, or, to put it simply, — the habit of lifelong learning. After all, Khoroshkola teaches children to enjoy not only the result, but also the learning process itself. jpg” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Photo: Press Service of the Horoschool

The educational process in Khoroshkole is measured not by lessons, but by educational topics, the study of each takes an average of two weeks. The child immediately sees how much information he has to master, and learns to correctly allocate time for homework. You can do them every day for a little bit or focus on working on the weekend.

There are no traditional grades in Khoroshkole. They are replaced by meaningful comments from the teacher. This allows you to reduce the anxiety of children and achieve the desired progress. The process is organized as follows: the child submits the work — the teacher returns it with comments — student remakes — and gets an account. And so on until the result is achieved.

Of course, the most modern digital technologies are used in Khoroshkole. The digital platform is available to all participants in the educational process: student, parent, and teacher. From the fifth grade, each child gets a personal digital device.

A super team helps to implement all of the above. Not only teachers work, but also tutors, psychologists, speech therapists, and even a sensory integration specialist. .jpg” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Photo: Khoroshkola press service

Education at Khoroshkola is paid. All applicants are interviewed. But talented children have a chance to study here for free thanks to the scholarship program. Of the 1200 students, 120 studied under such conditions.

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