Disclosed “security protocol” for officials in the former territories of Ukraine

“Change your place of residence once every three days”

Attacks on officials appointed by the Russian authorities to maintain order in the liberated territories seem to be becoming the norm. The blowing up of the car of the acting head of the traffic police on duty Major Sneshin in Kherson, the murder of the deputy of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region for agriculture Alexei Kovalev, the death of the head of the administration of Nova Kakhovka Vitaly Gur – this is not a complete list of sad events.

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What measures should be taken to ensure the safety of government officials in the liberated territories, “MK” An acting officer of one of the Russian special forces spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to the interlocutor, terrorist acts and assassination attempts on Russian henchmen in the liberated territories carry a double meaning. They are, of course, aimed at intimidating Russian citizens who come to work in the liberated territories. However, the main calculation, the so-called “target” the audience of criminals is the local population, which, according to Kyiv, should know that any cooperation with the Russian authorities will be punished.

“One of the primary conditions for ensuring the safety of administration workers in the liberated territories is, of course, force support,” the officer said. “People must be protected, they must always be accompanied by professionals who know how to act in the face of a threat. Moreover, not only explicit, but also hidden. Any sabotage and reconnaissance group works covertly, and those who enter it, as a rule, at first glance, do not differ from those around them.

The second important point — possession of personal weapons for self-defense. The person must be trained to handle it. It is also necessary to follow the safety protocol, which includes instructions on how to behave in case of emergencies. This means that none of the outsiders should know the route of movement of these persons, the time and place of their location. No one has the right to give out information about where and when the leader got in touch with them until he leaves this territory. 

According to the interlocutor, these are measures that are necessary and lie on the surface. They require constant compliance.

“In addition to security forces and security protocols,” the officer continued, “in the liberated territories, there should also be support measures of a different nature for such people. For example, a special connection that cannot be tracked using cells, geolocation and other devices that can determine the location of a person.

These rules apply both to civil officials and to representatives of the power structures of the liberated territories who arrived in leadership positions from Russia. Security protocols are also mandatory for the security forces. The apartments and houses where these people live must be under constant surveillance. Their cars must be parked in specially designated parking lots.

You need to constantly change routes of movement, you should not follow the same route more than once. It is better to change places of residence once every three or four days.

– You can say that it is inconvenient or even unrealistic, – the interlocutor says, – but I assure you that everything is quite doable. This practice is justified, and has been justified more than once. If a person wants to continue to live with his family and see his relatives alive and well, he will do it. The security forces occupying such positions should understand that they are primarily responsible for their own safety and the safety of their families.

If security protocols are followed properly, there will be no casualties. This confirms the historical experience in the liberated territories after the Great Patriotic War.

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