FSB general urged to immediately arm officials in the special operation zone

How to guarantee the safety of employees of pro-Russian administrations

At the Russian-controlled territories of Ukraine, a terrorist war continues against those who defected to Russia. On August 30, an unsuccessful attempt was made on the head of the duty department of the traffic police in the Kherson region. On August 28, Alexei Kovalev, deputy chairman of the military-civilian administration of the region, and his wife were killed in their house. We talked about the peculiarities of Ukrainian terror with retired FSB Major General Alexander Mikhailov.

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– Because they are, in fact, in enemy territory. Yes, there are a large number of people who have long recognized the need to join the Russian Federation. But no less number are hidden enemies who will constantly carry out various kinds of terrorist attacks.

I think that various kinds of special services are not always involved in this. Bandit elements from “Azov” (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), from other formations are now in “free flight” and can carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks without any control or at the behest of their commander, the same bandit as they are.< /p>

We encountered something similar after the end of the Great Patriotic War. The same processes were then taking place in the Baltic States and Western Ukraine.

– It's quite difficult. Their vulnerability is quite high. A person leaves a car in a parking lot, a person moves along roads that can be mined. He enters the premises, where other characters can enter besides him. This is a very dangerous job.

Therefore, people who agree to work in interim administrations are heroic people who sincerely want a good life for their people.

Everything also depends on the work of counterintelligence, on the creation of structures that would make it possible to identify these scoundrels. I think that in these territories it is necessary to create a people's militia from ordinary citizens who, together with law enforcement agencies, will control the situation, identify scoundrels and destroy them before they commit a crime.

– Unfortunately, no. But security doesn't do much either. Yes, they can cover some sectors. But it often happens that despite the security, killing some leader is a task for a freshman.

There is a huge amount of weapons and explosives in the public domain. Therefore, protecting people is quite difficult. Although, of course, these people must be guaranteed security. But security must be comprehensive. It cannot be associated only with physical security.

Physical security is, to a certain extent, only an imitation. We need to create a front of popular resistance to these bandits. Because without the participation of citizens, without the participation of the local population, this infection cannot be defeated.

– This is complete nonsense. I believe that these people should have all the necessary arsenal for self-defense. And talk about some kind of “danger” is not serious. So many weapons in free circulation, and people who perform government functions, you see, have no right to carry them! They must be provided for.

It is clear that not every person will apply it, not everyone will apply it correctly. But he must have it. A person who has a gun even feels differently psychologically. It is the duty of the state to provide these people not only with physical protection, not only with a counterintelligence regime, but also with personal service weapons.

– Well, what papers, what are they carrying! This is complete absurdity. In the conditions of a special military operation, what kind of papers can there be? Why do we issue a machine gun to an ordinary untrained soldier, but we cannot issue a weapon to an adult who performs important state functions?

Bureaucrats who come up with various “excuses” are people working against the state. The people representing the provisional civil administration must be provided with everything. If it is necessary to create a regulatory framework for this, it must be done urgently. At the level of the State Duma, however, taking into account the fact that we are not yet talking about a single state with these regions.

It is necessary to do everything possible to support them, at least morally. As I said, a weapon is not a guarantee of security in its purest form, but it is a moral support for a person who has a tool to protect himself and his family and children. What nonsense in general!

– And not only to Moscow. Look at what masses of people have moved to the Russian Federation from the territory of Ukraine. Who checked them? We accept them with an open mind, but how many of them are scoundrels and scum who came to commit hostile acts against citizens of the Russian Federation?

– Of course. But do not think that the SBU are such fools. The SBU is doing very thorough work, often under a “false flag”. I believe that not two or three people were involved in the murder of Daria. There are people there who “in the dark” carried out the tasks that were set before them. But the decision to eliminate is made by the relevant centers. This is where all the information goes. Therefore, to say that this aunt Vovk alone did this with her daughter and some other pepper that appeared in sight is ridiculous and wrong. I am sure that dozens of people took part in the preparation of this crime.

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