US companies are trying to covertly circumvent sanctions through Turkey to do business with Russia

American business has found a way to get around the bans.

Turkish media have revealed the secret schemes of the work of US companies that left Russia due to a special operation in the Russian Federation. According to publications, firms have found a way to circumvent sanctions and continue to build business.

As Turkish Yeni Safak writes, citing sources in local business circles, American companies offer Turkish firms a certain commission. Later they continue to work along the following chain: Russia – Turkey – Dubai – USA.

In recent months alone, the number of illegal trade schemes from the United States has increased significantly, Turkish media say.

In particular, Americans are interested in grain, iron, steel, petrochemicals, mineral fuels, precious metals and stones for sale with Russia.< /p>

Meanwhile, the H&M company, which was about to leave Russia, began to actively recruit new employees. As Readovka writes, the network is looking for employees for civil law contracts: under it, people are offered work for three months.

A month, H&M employees are offered 15 thousand rubles – people they work in three shifts.

It is also interesting that new collections have appeared in Moscow stores. And there are no new parties in the regions yet.

H&M and lease agreements continue to operate until October 26th. Before that date, the management of the main office plans to hold a meeting and decide on work in Russia.

People at H&M continue to be told about the closure of stores (since July 18), and they promise to pay four salaries in case of dismissal.

As Topnews wrote earlier, due to the sanctions imposed against the country, airlines in Russia began to dismantle aircraft for spare parts. Thus, Aeroflot, according to media reports, is dismantling several aircraft, including the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Airbus A350.


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