What was the producer of the Chikatilo series Dmitry Bolshakov convicted of?

Producer of the series «Chikatilo» Dmitry Bolshakovwas imprisoned for 5.5 years for bribing policemen. The Shcherbinsky District Court found him guilty of committing three crimes under Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Mediation in bribery”.

The former general director of Kino Group LLC was accused of handing over an illegal reward of 400,000 rubles to the police so that they blocked a street in the center of Moscow for the duration of filming. As the producer previously stated, he was ready to pay for such services officially and by bank transfer, but no one wanted to cooperate with him.

What is known about bribes to the police during the filming of the series?

The fraud became known after FSO officers approached the filming location. The workers asked if the film crew had permission. During the inspection, it turned out that Bolshakov paid the policemen for the safe conduct of the filming.

According to the materials of the case, in addition to Bolshakov, deputy head of the Kitay-Gorod Police Department are under investigation in the criminal case. Dmitry Smolin, Deputy Head of the 3rd Directorate of the Public Order Department of the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs Igor Fayzullin and Senior Inspector from the Department Denis Fedorov.The last Bolshakov paid 140 thousand rubles for filming in the area of ​​the pedestrian Listvennichnaya alley in the Timiryazevsky district. Also, 180 thousand rubles were handed over to the police for blocking the road in Krivoarbatsky Lane in the center, and Fedorov, Fayzullin and Smolin received another 80 thousand rubles from the film crew for filming episodes in the Theater Square area.

During the consideration of the case Presnensky District Court of Moscow placed under house arrest Sergey Kulishov, Deputy Head of the Department for the Protection of Public Order (UOP) of the Moscow Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the case of bribes.

What punishment did the policemen suffer?

According to Sergey Kulishov's lawyer Dmitry Zakharkin, the charge of accepting a large bribe was dropped from his client. Fedorov, Smolin and Faizullin pleaded guilty. According to the telegram channel Mash, the policemen were arrested, the court sentenced them to a heavier sentence: from 7.5 to 8.5 years in prison.

When was the shooting of the series? 

Shooting began in September 2020, on December 21, 2020 it became known about their completion. The director was Sarik Andreasyan, the script was written by Alexey Gravitsky and Sergey Volkov. The role of Chikatilo was played by Dmitry Nagiev. The series received negative reviews from critics and viewers due to large differences with the real biography of the maniac.

The continuation of the feature series took place in the summer of 2021.

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