A high-profile tribunal has started in the DPR: neo-Nazi Kravtsov, who killed hundreds of people, is being tried

Articles of the criminal code provide for the death penalty

August 1, the trial of Oleksandr Kravtsov, leader of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group SS Bears, begins in the Donetsk People's Republic. The terrorist will be judged by the Supreme Court of the DPR in closed session. The Prosecutor General's Office of the republic accuses him under three articles of the criminal code, according to which the death penalty is provided as a capital punishment. Kravtsov pleaded guilty and actively cooperated with the investigation.

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The defendant is well known to viewers of Russian federal TV channels as the owner of an intricately painted torso. His entire body is densely covered with tattoos, like Maui from the famous Disney cartoon “Moana”. But if Maui's tattoos are funny, like this character himself, then Kravtsov's are rather sinister. Among other Nazi symbols, there are huge numbers 14 88 (this numerical combination is included in the list of extremist materials by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation) in the upper part of the body. This is the code of the “white” Nazis, i.e. racists.

However, the “Bears” (or “Vedmedy” in Ukrainian) did not limit themselves to promoting racist theories and glorifying Hitler. Quite quickly they turned to criminal practice. In captivity, Kravtsov “sang like a nightingale” and told a lot. His subordinates, many of whom surprisingly turned out to be “cooks and drivers,” kept up. They told how they shot prisoners and how they dropped booby traps disguised as packs of cigarettes from drones. The cook, nicknamed “The Kid”, admitted that he did not like to interrogate the prisoners: “it's easier to shoot.” Kravtsov actively cooperated with the investigation, showed his bunker in Mariupol at the Ilyich plant. Perhaps the most valuable thing in their testimony is that they named the specific names of their curators from the SBU. It was proved that this was not some kind of partisan group of “people's avengers”, but a unit within the Ukrainian troops.

As follows from the information posted on the Tribunal website, the sabotage and assault group (DShG) “SS Bears” was originally part of the 8th battalion “Aratta” of the “Ukrainian Volunteer Army” of Dmitry Yarosh, formed by him at the end of 2015 on the basis of the most combat-ready units of the “Right Sector” (a neo-Nazi organization banned in the Russian Federation). After the withdrawal of volunteer formations from the conflict zone was officially announced, the SS Bears became an independent combat unit. They operated mainly in the area of ​​the village of Shirokino. The group got its name from the call sign of commander Alexander Kravtsov (“Bear”). The group's flag bears the slogan of the Nazi SS troops in German “My honor is loyalty!”.

The task of the neo-Nazi formation was to pose as “partisans”, allegedly acting independently and not obeying the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In fact, they closely cooperated with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and their activities were supervised by SBU Colonel Oleg Seliverstov, to whom they transmitted video reports about their attacks and sabotage. They themselves confessed to killing prisoners and civilians. According to the investigation, more than 100 people became victims of the accused. The SS Bears, among other militants, surrendered at Azovstal. At that time, the group consisted of about 20 people, mostly natives of Lviv.

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