Asia-bound plane carrying Pelosi lands in Hawaii


The Boeing C-40 aircraft, carrying Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, landed at Honolulu airport in Hawaii. These are the data from the Flightradar website. It is not yet known what caused the landing of the aircraft. Perhaps refueling is needed, or perhaps plans have changed.

Earlier it became known that the US Air Force aircraft with Nancy Pelosi on board took off from Andrews Air Force Base. He headed towards the Pacific Ocean. Thus begins her tour of Asia. Taiwan may appear on the itinerary. In Beijing, Pelosi's possible visit to the island may be considered a violation of the “principle of indivisible China” from Washington.

Meanwhile, the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) is already conducting live-fire exercises in the waters of the eastern province of Fujian. The province is located across the strait from the island of Taiwan. Because of this, all ships are prohibited from entering the area.

In response, Taiwan has already deployed air defense systems at Taoyuan International Airport. In addition, Taipei took to the skies the Chiayi Air Base fighter jets.


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