Johnson announced plans to return to the post of leader of the Conservative Party

Johnson told a member of the House of Lords that he would like to “erase” his departure from the premiership. He added that he intends to participate in the next general election as leader of the Conservative Party, writes Telegraph /756587787340621.jpg” alt=”Johnson announced plans to return to the post of leader of the Conservative Party” />

Boris Johnson

Declaring his resignation from the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson confirmed his intention to remain the leader of the Conservative Party and participate in fight in the next presidential election, writes The Daily Telegraph.

According to John Crudess, a member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament, Johnson told him during a dinner at Checkers' country residence that he “did not want to resign.” from the post of prime minister and would like to “erase” your departure.

He “wants to run in the next general election as leader of the Conservative Party,” added Crudess, who organized the “Bring Boris Back” public campaign. in support of the premier.

A member of the House of Lords noted that Johnson “cheers for the success of his public campaign.” and that he “likes to follow” behind his petition.

“There was no ambiguity in Boris's views. He definitely doesn't want to retire. He wants to continue and believes that with a membership behind him, he can do it, — concluded Crudess.

Johnson announced his resignation on 7 July. This was preceded by a series of scandals around his figure, the latest of which is associated with Chris Pincher— a member of his government who was accused of sexually harassing men. Johnson was aware of the investigations, but at the same time appointed Pincher to high positions.

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On July 20, he said goodbye to the House of Commons of the British Parliament with the phrase Hasta la vista, baby (“Goodbye, baby”) from the movie “Terminator 2”.

On the eve of The Sunday Times, citing sources in the prime minister's office, said that Johnson expects to be able to return to the post of head of government in a few years.

From July 12, elections are held in the UK among parliamentarians— members of the Conservative Party. A total of 11 Conservatives nominated for the post of British Prime Minister. British Undersecretary of Trade Penny Mordaunt dropped out of the race with 105 votes in the fifth round.

Former British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak and incumbent Foreign Secretary Liz Truss reached the final round of the struggle for the post of head of the Conservative Party and the government of the country.

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