Korotchenko explained Zelensky’s hysteria after the strike on Odessa

Military targets will be destroyed regardless of grain export agreements

Zelensky seems to be losing his nerve. One “bad” after another. Here is Turkey, which Kyiv so trusted, together with the UN and Russia, successfully buried the myth that Moscow wants to arrange a global famine by blocking grain in Ukrainian ports. Shoigu's trip to Istanbul and the agreements signed there on the basis of Russian proposals were received very painfully in Kyiv. A hysterical reaction was inevitable, and it followed. As a pretext, they chose another strike by Russian “Caliber” on military facilities in Odessa.

Photo: president.gov.ua < p>Zelensky, in his unchanging military t-shirt, unshaven and anxious, recorded a nightly video message. According to him, the strike on the Odessa port showed that it was useless to negotiate with Russia. In the end, as always, he assured his fellow countrymen that victory was close and all was well. I wonder if many people still believe him?

In turn, the Russian military department told how it really happened. According to his regular report of hostilities, in the seaport of Odessa, on the territory of a shipyard, in a dock, a Ukrainian warship and a warehouse of Harpoon anti-ship missiles supplied by the United States were destroyed by a missile attack. The production facilities of the repair enterprise were also damaged.

Harpoon missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at our garrison on Zmeiny Island, as well as our ships near this island. Everyone remembers the story of the Moskva cruiser.

Commenting on what happened, military expert, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko told MK:

– Any military targets on the territory of Ukraine are legitimate in terms of attacks by the Russian Armed Forces and the disabling of these military targets. It has absolutely nothing to do with the agreements signed in Istanbul. Terminals and grain loading bays remain safe. Moreover, they are located at a considerable distance from those objects that were hit by the Russian military. Any military purpose on the territory of Odessa will be identified and destroyed. As for Zelensky's statements, it is pointless to comment on the words of a political clown. Let him scream, we will strike as we did before.

Indeed, the rapid voyage of the Russian defense minister to Istanbul and the agreements signed there are a serious blow to the plans of the Kyiv authorities to play the “grain card” in order to impose their conditions on everyone. What did you dream about in Kyiv? That foreign dry cargo ships would go to Odessa in an endless stream for grain, bringing heavy Western weapons in their holds to Ukraine. Perfect option. You receive money for delivered grain and immediately pay for howitzers and long-range rocket systems. But it did not work out that way.

As Sergei Shoigu, who signed the agreements, explained in Istanbul, the joint four-party coordination center created with the participation of the Russian Federation, Turkey, the UN and Ukraine will organize the inspection of ships involved in the export of Ukrainian agricultural products. The goal is to prevent the transport of weapons and ammunition, as well as to exclude provocations. Inspection should be carried out both at the exit and at the entrance to the Black Sea. By the way, this is the approach that Russia proposed from the very beginning. Ukraine was categorically against it, but its “Wishlist” was not taken into account.

UN Secretary General António Guterres signed a memorandum on facilitating the supply of Russian agricultural products and fertilizers to world markets in the same place, in Istanbul. This is also an important result, given that the volume of Russian agricultural exports has long been twice as large as the volume of arms exports.

In a word, Shoigu's Istanbul mission turned out to be quite successful for Moscow. And this is a real disaster for Kyiv.

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