Scholz called Russia an unreliable gas supplier

According to the German chancellor, Russia has no problems technically fulfilling all supplier obligations, but Moscow does not do this

Olaf Scholz

Russia has ceased to be a reliable gas supplier for Germany, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Die Zeit reports.


“Germany can no longer rely on Russia [in gas matters]. That's why we prefer to play it safe,” — Scholz said.

Also, he said, Moscow's recent claims that gas supplies were cut for technical reasons are “unconvincing.”

Gas supplies via Nord Stream 1— the main route for transporting fuel from Russia to Germany— resumed on July 21 after a ten-day pause caused by planned maintenance work. According to the operator, gas is supplied in the amount of 40%— about 67 million cubic meters m per day.

In mid-June, before leaving for repairs, Gazprom twice reduced the volume of deliveries: first, from the planned daily 167 million cubic meters. m up to 100 million cubic meters. m, and later— up to 67 million cubic meters m. The company reported that it took this step because of the delay in the return of the turbine, which was under repair in Montreal— Canada could not return due to sanctions. As a result, Canada decided to send it to Germany, but, according to Reuters, the unit was stuck in Germany because Moscow did not give permission for its return transportation. The Kremlin denied the agency's data.

At the end of June, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck did not rule out that Russia would completely cut off gas supplies as part of an attempt to “ignite social unrest and destroy unity.” The lack of gas will lead to the cessation of the work of a number of sectors of the German economy, he specified. The Kremlin rejected this assumption, saying that “Russia is very, very careful about its reputation, the reputation of a responsible supplier.”

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