“We have nothing to feed the children”: Italian farmers pour out milk, protesting against prices

Protests are taking place across Europe.

Italian farmers pour milk in front of a government building, protesting against high prices.

The inhabitants of Naples took to the streets with the words “This is not milk, this is our blood!”.

How Writes Readovka, farmers perform to the funeral march and accompany the action with “tears of pastoralists and farmers.”

Italy has been protesting for several months. Local farmers took to the streets after the price of fuel for agricultural machinery and fertilizers jumped sharply.

A severe drought added fuel to the fire – a state of emergency was introduced in five regions of the country in July . And the farmers have to spend their last savings.

According to media reports, protesters in Italy chanted: “We can’t feed our children!”.

To the Italians on protests came out Dutch farmers. There the government decided to cut nitrogen emissions by 70% – because of this, we will have to use less fertilizer, reduce the number of livestock by a third. Most households will not survive this.

“We are not slaves, we cannot make ends meet!”, – people are chanting.

Protests are also taking place in Poland, France, Germany, the Netherlands. Farmers block roads with tractors. In Italy, they are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi – only the day before the country's president accepted his resignation.

Earlier, strikes throughout Europe took place in ports, aviation, oil and gas industries.

As I wrote earlier Topnews, Vladimir Putin reacted to the picture “How to make Putin angry”, which was released in Europe.

Residents of the EU countries were offered to wash only four places on the body to save money.

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