“Detachments will not help”: Ukraine’s problems with mobilization went off scale

Prices for farming military registration and enlistment offices have been announced

Ukraine is running out of conscripts from cities, so now it is mainly representatives of rural areas who are forced to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The situation is caused by high rates of payoffs from military registration and enlistment offices.

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From each region of Ukraine with a population of 2 million inhabitants have already been mobilized by 20-30 thousand people. The high proportion of rural residents in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is explained by their inability, unlike urban ones, to pay off the military commissariats. $100 is worth the closed eyes of the patrols. In case of getting into the military commissariat, you have to pay from $5000.

There are also relatively cheap ways. For example, in the shadow market of services, conscripts are offered for $1,000–2,000 under the guise of volunteers or drivers to go beyond the cordon. In any case, you have to pay a lot, but people don’t have money, as well as desires to go to the troops.

Waves of mobilization in Ukraine go one after another, and each time there are characteristic excesses. Sending incapacitated territorial battalions to the combat zone, riots of wives and mothers at the military registration and enlistment offices, the presence of a whole market of services for evading military duty – all this indicates serious mobilization problems in Ukraine.

It is highly likely that soon there will be no more willing defend the Kyiv regime. Then the Ukrainian leadership can only be helped by the mass recruitment of women into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The list of military specialties that Ukrainian women can take has recently been expanded, and it is planned to carry out their mass registration in the fall.

“MK” spoke with military expert Vladimir Evseev about the problems of military conscription in Ukraine.


– The resource has not yet been exhausted, but the desire of people to fight for the Kyiv regime has been exhausted. At the beginning of the conflict, approximately 40 million people lived in Ukraine. Potentially, 1 million of them could be called up. Only a part of this million was called up – somewhere up to 200 thousand.

To date, the number of irreplaceable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to available data, is from 125 to 176 thousand. Lots of dodges. The most massive were recorded in western Ukraine. Some went abroad, some went to work. There are about 2 million people in Russia. But in general, there is still a resource.

– Now they are trying to mobilize the inhabitants of Artemivsk and other cities of Donbass by force, but with such a forced mobilization, the troops become unstable and here, in which case, even detachments will not help.

First, if people have negative motivation, the call becomes useless. Secondly, the massive loss of heavy weapons is not compensated by the West. A partial transition to Western standards requires a massive supply of ammunition, which is not always enough even in the West. For example, 155 mm shells for guns.

Thirdly, you need to take into account the high level of losses. The units that are formed from the mobilized are, as a rule, infantry units. Not only armored vehicles are lacking, but also artillery, primarily cannon artillery.

As the territories are liberated, the number of mobilization reserves will decrease. At some point, the call will become imitation. It will continue, but it will not be able to save the Kyiv regime

– The use of women, as well as the use of therodefense, will not become a panacea. There is experience of using women, for example, in the detachments of the Syrian Kurds. The women's units there are effective, but they are well trained and well motivated. Otherwise, it won't make any sense. Now it is not possible to provide proper motivation and preparation for Kyiv. Therefore, unlike the Syrian Kurds, this only reflects the inability to carry out real mobilization.

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