Bloomberg learned about the EU proposal to cut gas consumption by 15%

The EU is set to invite member states to voluntarily cut gas consumption by 15% from next month over fears that Russia could cut off supplies, Bloomberg reported, citing three knowledgeable diplomatic sources.

The European Commission on Wednesday , July 20, plans to unveil a plan to save gas before the winter. El País wrote about it earlier. The day before, this information was confirmed by EC spokesman Eric Mamer on Twitter. According to El País, European officials, in particular, propose to limit the heating of public buildings to 19 degrees, and air conditioning— to 25 degrees.

In the event of a cold winter, the EU's GDP could fall by 1.5%, Bloomberg reports citing EC data.

According to the agency, Brussels also wants to secure the right to oblige countries to reduce gas consumption. However, many states object to forced austerity, arguing that national governments already have contingency plans in place.

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