Politico: Zelensky is afraid of the Russian tactics of “General Frost”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fears most of all that the Russian Federation will use the long-standing tactics of “General Moroz” in the conflict . Politico writes about this.

Publicist Jamie Dettmer in his article in the publication emphasizes that Kyiv fears concessions to Russia from Europe with the onset of cold weather. Due to the need for Russian energy, Europe can go along on a number of issues, for example, on sanctions or the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

In order to be able to consistently use Russian gas, European countries can reduce or stop arms sales to Ukraine, and also lift a number of sanctions against Russia. Zelensky demands that Europe maintain a hard line against Russia, including a gas embargo.

As Dettmar noted, the Ukrainian leadership should be worried that the Europeans might lose their patience. Then, fearing a social explosion, European governments will stop responding to the requests of the Ukrainian president.

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