RIA Novosti: in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, instead of paying off the townspeople, they began to call on rural residents

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Russian security officials, referring to sources in the Ukrainian troops, reported that in the last month in Ukraine to provide conscription they joined the army at the expense of rural residents. The thing is, they don't have enough savings to pay off. RIA Novosti writes about this.

“Over the past month, the number of conscripts has increased significantly in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the moment, the main burden is borne by residents of rural areas of the country. They, unlike the townspeople, do not have sufficient savings to pay a bribe and pay off,” the newspaper notes.

According to the source, the share of townspeople in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has decreased, since it is much easier for them to emigrate to another country or change their permanent place residence. At the same time, he clarified that in order to pay off a one-time patrol on the street, it is necessary to give 100 dollars.

“From five thousand dollars and more you will have to pay in the military registration and enlistment office,” the source of the publication emphasized.

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