Mushroom season in Central Russia may start in late July – expert

The first “wave of mushrooms” on the territory of Central Russia it will be possible to observe at the end of July, if it rains and cool weather sets in for some time.

A mushroom picker, the author of the popular science YouTube channel « Mushroom hunter Dmitry Tikhomirov.

He noted that the existence of “mushroom rain” that occurs in warm weather when the sun is shining, — this is a myth, and in fact, cooling is necessary for the fruiting of the mycelium. At the same time, mushrooms need about 10 days to grow after rains.

Tikhomirov said that now only chanterelles can be found in Central Russia, and at the end of July he hopes to see spruce porcini mushrooms and mushrooms in the forests. The main “wave of mushrooms”, according to his assumptions, will begin at the end of August.

It was previously described how you can enrich food with useful substances with the help of mushrooms.

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