Media: the world’s largest nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy” was withdrawn from the Navy

The world's largest strategic nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy” withdrawn from the Russian Navy, RIA Novosti reports citing a source in the military-industrial complex.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the submarine “is withdrawn from the combat fleet and is subject to disposal.”

< p> At the same time, the source recalled that the name Dmitry Donskoy has already been assigned to another Borey-A class nuclear submarine. (project 955A), which was laid down last year.

The nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy” entered the combat structure of the USSR Navy in 1980 and was the lead boat of Project 941. Today it was the largest nuclear submarine in the world in terms of displacement.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Navy received the first special-purpose submarine &laquo ;Belgorod”, which is the carrier of the “Poseidons”.

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