Experts assessed the likelihood of NATO dissolution and the possible consequences of this event

“This is the destruction of a bad tooth”

Bundestag deputy from the Left Party Sevim Dagdelen said on July 18 that EU countries should prepare for the dissolution of the North Atlantic Alliance and start pursuing a policy that is not based on views USA. The opinions of domestic experts regarding the dissolution of NATO in a conversation with Vechernyaya Moskva were divided, but experts believe that changes are inevitable anyway.

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Political scientist Dmitry Zhuravlev admits the possibility of the dissolution of the North Atlantic Alliance, but not in the near future. He explained that Germany is the main country in the European Union, and the United States has a significant influence on it. Nevertheless, the specialist believes that the very fact of the emergence of thoughts about the dissolution of NATO is proof that things will go to dissolution.

According to Zhuravlev, the liquidation of NATO is the destruction of a sore tooth, due to which the level of political and military tension in the world will drop sharply, which will be a very good outcome, including for Russia. The expert recalled that before there were two NATO blocs, and later only one remained, and if there is not a single one, then everyone will only get better from this. The political scientist stressed that the existence of two blocks of the alliance had a certain stabilizing value, and at the moment there is only a clear call for aggression.

Political scientist Sergei Markelov, in turn, believes that the dissolution of NATO is impossible, but the alliance is now experiencing problems and is waiting for a “reset”, which can be expressed in the weakening of US influence. According to the expert, the dissolution of NATO could be a disaster for the Western world, since the countries are too accustomed to this military bloc, and its elimination will be too painful.

However, the specialist is convinced that the alliance will definitely be “rebooted”, as the mood of its members in the world is changing. According to Markelov, NATO members are tired of US pressure, and they want equality, create their own weapons, strengthen and be on an equal footing. The political scientist predicts that the internal content and principles of interaction in the alliance will soon change.

As Markelov noted, NATO was created on the basis of the illusion of collective security, but the alliance will now align its history under the pressure of secondary states. The expert suggests that these countries will insist that the organization deal with security, and not create tense structures around the world.

Thus, according to the political scientist, NATO will create protective weapons, and the armies will be set up to maintain the sovereignty of countries, although now they are set up only to violate foreign borders. Markelov concluded that the alliance will “transform in all directions”, but this process will be long and difficult.

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