Admiral Komoyedov responded harshly to the Ukrainians on the threat to destroy the Black Sea Fleet

“Let them go Pole”

Vladimir Gavrilov, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, in an interview published in the British newspaper Times, promised to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet and “recapture” Crimea. He stated that the “cleaning of the Black Sea” began with the island of Zmeiny, and the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation would soon be attacked. Former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, has strong doubts about Ukraine's intentions.


In conversation with “” Komoyedov expressed the opinion that the Ukrainians “navel will be untied” to destroy the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and “reconquer” the Crimea. According to him, instead of the Black Sea Fleet, Ukraine is creating a river fleet, and the admiral is wondering if she is going to destroy the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation “on the oars.”

Komoedov stressed that long-range weapons are not destruction, and even not defeat, but only a threat. According to the admiral, the Ukrainian masters of deception, or rather, “nonsense”, are capable of anything. In addition, he recalled that Ukraine has Arestovich, who says that the main weapon is “nonsense”, without which there is no victory, so the Ukrainians can “Polish”.

Nevertheless, the admiral admits that she herself the big loss in the current situation is the cruiser “Moskva”. According to Komoyedov, the Ukrainians also had an American hand in its destruction.

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