The dismemberment of the SBU of Ukraine was associated with the future loss of large territories

Russian political scientist named three decisive blunders of Zelensky's “security guards”

Zelensky is busy with personnel audit. Following the dismissal of Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov, he continued a massive purge in the ranks of the Security Service of Ukraine. The deputy head of the SBU Vladimir Gorbenko, as well as the heads of departments in Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, Transcarpathian and Dnepropetrovsk regions, lost their positions. We talked with political scientist Marat Bashirov about what could be behind the reshuffle.


“I think that the purges, in fact, are not taking place at the initiative of Zelensky,” says Marat Bashirov. — His Western curators insist on this, who need a coherent policy on the security forces.

From the picture of what is happening in the theater of operations and in the liberated territories, it is clear that they are acting very fragmented. Western curators are dissatisfied with the work of the Ukrainian special services.

The last straw, in my opinion, was two stories. The first is the money that comes to Ukraine and is distributed in an opaque way. Virtually all the intelligence services have reported to their governments that this is not a transparent procedure. Germany, largely because of this, “froze” the last tranche of nine billion euros to Ukraine.

The second story concerns weapons supplied by NATO to Ukraine, and some of its units suddenly appear on the “black” market. This should also be monitored and answered by the SBU. But it happens, the weapon “floats away”.

And the same Americans have, in fact, something to worry about. Because their Javelins may well end up in the hands of Hamas or terrorists in Syria. And it is quite possible that some kind of passenger liner can be shot down from a portable anti-tank missile system. And it will obviously be with foreign citizens on board. A huge scandal will break out. It will be impossible to hide the fact that the plane was shot down from a Javelin (with an approaching plane, this is real) or other types of weapons that are supplied to Ukraine. It will show up, and very quickly.

Western curators could have imposed very harsh conditions on Zelensky. The first is that professionals should be involved in the SBU. And secondly, we need a transparent scheme for the distribution of money and weapons coming to Ukraine.

The political scientist draws attention to the fact that Ivan Bakanov, who was removed from the post of head of the SBU, is not a person from the special services, but a childhood friend of Zelensky.

– Today, Bakanov published a letter on the official page of the SBU in the social network, in which he describes his merits. In particular, the oppositionist Medvedchuk was arrested under him, and they also managed to identify and expose “enemy agents” in government bodies en masse.

I think that, of course, there will be no criminal prosecution against Bakanov, another question is where Zelensky will send him? He could not remove him directly; on July 19, the Verkhovna Rada voted for his dismissal from the post of head of the SBU. The procedure itself is quite humiliating. Most of the deputies who used to go, bowed to him, suddenly voted for his resignation. Personal resentment, of course, Bakanov will remain.

– Undoubtedly. The point here is not even the dismissal of Bakanov, his deputy Gorbenko and the heads of the SBU department in five regions. And that the SBU will be reformed and divided into several separate services. Western curators of Ukraine understand that during the second stage of the special military operation, the loss of large territories is inevitable. And the SBU will need to act differently.

Our side receives a huge amount of intelligence information, which, of course, is not taken out of thin air. This is due to the fact that the Security Service of Ukraine is not coping, first of all, with its intelligence task. What worries, in my opinion, the same Americans.

We know that our troops regularly strike at their high-precision weapons from long distances. Take the same latest story with the destruction of the HIMARS rocket launcher and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Moreover, the same HIMARS multiple launch rocket system was destroyed during the hostilities, which no one had managed to do before.

Intelligence information plays a big role in this, which comes not only from our fighters from the sabotage and reconnaissance groups that are put forward , discover and report. There is also an intelligence network on the ground, which works for us and downloads a large amount of information. I think that this is what the SBU is pointing out to their Western curators.


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