SVT reported the death of a retired Swedish soldier in the Donbass

The man arrived in Donbas “a couple of months ago” to “share his tactical knowledge,” writes SVT. The Russian Ministry of Defense warned foreigners about criminal liability for mercenarism SVT reported the death of a retired Swedish military man in Donbass” />

A retired Swedish military man who participated in the hostilities on the side of Ukraine died in the Donetsk region, an SVT source said.

According to the interlocutor channel, a 28-year-old young man was mortally wounded in a grenade explosion.

According to SVT, the man arrived in Donbass “a couple of months ago”. “He was here to share his tactical knowledge,” — says the source.

In Sweden, the man served in the air force with the rank of lieutenant. According to the channel, he retired from the army before leaving.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry reported that they are checking information about the death of a military man in the Donbass. “The Foreign Ministry is verifying this data together with the Ukrainian authorities through the embassy in Kyiv. The circumstances prevailing in Ukraine complicate this work,»,— said in a statement from the agency in response to a request from SVT.

According to the channel, at the beginning of the Russian special operation, there were reports of “hundreds of Swedes” who decided to participate in hostilities on the side of Ukraine, — they serve both in the international brigade and in other units subordinate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Among them are those who, before leaving, did not quit the Swedish army and thereby violated the law of the country, the SVT source noted.

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Last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense published an update on the number of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. According to the agency, 7.1 thousand people have arrived in the country since the beginning of the special operation. 4366 fighters were destroyed or left the combat zone, 2741 continue to participate in the conflict.

The Ministry of Defense considers foreigners participating in the battles on the side of Kyiv to be mercenaries and emphasizes that “in accordance with international humanitarian law, mercenaries are not combatants”, then they cannot claim to be treated as prisoners and are not exempt from criminal liability.

Detained mercenaries are being tried in the DPR. There is no moratorium on the death penalty in the republic.

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