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This year, in Russia, 200 children's art schools (DShI) will gain a second life thanks to the overhaul carried out in them. This became possible during the implementation of the “Culture” national project, within the framework of which 435 such objects throughout the country have already been repaired.

In  buildings that sometimes have not seen repairs for more than half a century, and then and all for every years, everything is being changed: from floors and roofs and ending with the installation of modern air conditioners and replacement of batteries, which will come in handy very soon . Warmth, comfort, and new musical instruments, books, albums, music libraries — all this is sent to all regions of Russia for the development of gifted children, with whom our country is so rich.

Everything will be "with needles»

Renovated children's art schools have already opened in the Republic of Dagestan, the Tambov Region and Krasnoyarsk Territory. On the first of September, their  pupils will meet in  an environment where everything is “smart”.

National project “Culture” came this year to the Khiv village of the Republic of Dagestan, where more than 60 students study at the local music school. Building built in  1939 g. , has long been in need of overhaul and updating of interiors.  We not only carried out major repairs in the school building, but and purchased new school furniture and musical instruments for young pupils, among which — xylophone and drum set. Modernization of the school — this is an important step in the training and education of our younger generation, the transfer of our best musical traditions,», —said Director of the Children's Art School, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Dagestan, Honorary Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation Fazil Abumislimov.< /p>

Not only renovated walls and roof

The village of Khiva, where the school was renovated, is by no means the only  dagestan. Now work is underway in  the village of Majalis, Kaitag district, where more than 500 people study in various areas —  — from artistic to choreographic. The building was erected half a century ago. According to Director of Children's Art School Bariyat Javatov, the corresponding large-scale work began at the end of May this year. At the moment, renovations are underway in the assembly hall of the school, where the floor has been updated, walls are being prepared for cladding, after which it is planned to install suspended ceilings, replace windows, doors, and other internal work. In parallel with this, work is underway to replace the roof of the building —the dismantling of the old wooden elements of the roof structure is almost completed, and in a few days the builders will start installing the metal-tile roof. But and this is not the whole list of necessary changes. It is planned to replace the heating system, lay sewage pipelines, install split air conditioning systems, video surveillance and fire alarms. Major repairs are planned to be completed by the beginning of the school year. One can imagine what a surprise awaits the students when they cross the threshold of a completely renovated creative alma mater.

Became a decoration of the city

Comfortable conditions for creative work are also created in Tambov region. In Kotovsk, in July, a capitally renovated under Culture"national project" children's art school. The building was built in 1935 and and since has not been renovated. Updates were expected by both pupils and teachers. “The allocated funds were used to repair the roof, heating system, water supply and sewerage systems, electrical installation, and interior finishing work. The facade of the building has been renovated. The students and teachers of the school received an updated, beautiful, comfortable school, which is located in the very center of our city, and which has become an ornament for all the townspeople, — tells Elena Vasyatkina, director of the institution. For several years in a row, the Kotovskaya School of Arts has been ranked among the best in the Tambov Region, and in 2020, the school entered the  50 best schools of arts in Russia in the competition of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Her students annually win prizes at all-Russian competitions and festivals. More than 900 children study here. Almost any direction of culture and creativity is available to children.

For example, more than 17 specialties are taught in the children's school of arts only in the field of musical and performing arts. “The Kotovsk School of Arts and its students are among the best in region, if not the best. Now the school has become the best in terms of material and technical equipment. Extraordinarily talented children study in  Kotovsk, therefore it is especially joyful that now they will study in modern, comfortable conditions», — Head of the Department of Culture and Archives of the Tambov Region Yuri Golubev.

New musical instruments for new talents

Thanks to the national project “Culture” students of the Children's Art School named after A.M. Signs in Krasnoyarsk Territory will start working in the renovated interiors of the restored building in the fall. A large-scale reconstruction of the Achinsk Children's Art School began in February last year. “Modernization of the children's art school makes it possible to attract more children and adults to the system of art education through the creation of a modern cultural and educational environment, will allow pupils to reveal their potential and demonstrate their talents and, of course, will work to improve the quality of education» ;, — sure Elena Andreeva, director of the institution.

The main task of the national project «Culture» —to make culture more accessible to every inhabitant of the country. With this goal in 3 years, 435 children's art schools were overhauled. This made it possible to improve the conditions in which creatively gifted children study. In total, by the end of 2024, 989 institutions will be upgraded, which will improve the quality of additional education in all regions of the country. “For” the entire time of the implementation of the national project “Culture” throughout the country, new musical instruments, equipment and educational literature were supplied to  thousand children's art schools and colleges, said Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Yarilova. By the end of 2024, 1842 institutions will be equipped with musical instruments.

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