The crocodile is not caught. A reptile escaped near Rostov, but it was never found

Three weeks later, the search for the one and a half meter crocodile was stopped in Bataysk. A woman reported the reptile to the authorities; she allegedly saw the animal in the water area of ​​the canal. All the efforts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to find the predator were unsuccessful.

The news about the escaped crocodile still keeps the vacationers of the Salt Lake, a popular swimming place near Rostov-on-Don, in good shape.

In Bataysk, they began to catch a crocodile at the request of a local resident. She said that she saw a reptile in the water channel, within the city of 130,000 inhabitants.

Through water communications, a formidable predator can reach Salt Lake, a favorite vacation spot for Rostovites. And even to the mouth of the Don River.

To water banks «in gun» officials, policemen, zoologists, representatives of the Cossack squad and dozens of volunteers came out.

The crocodile did not touch the bait

The police went around the local residents to find out if the crocodile was missing. But    no reported the possible loss of the pet      

On local reservoirs, duty outfits of the Cossack squad and employees of the MBU "Protection" p>But to no avail — no evidence of the fearsome reptile has been found.

As a result, the officials weakened the search.

  The set nets with baits for the elusive crocodile were removed, but                       ;, — told Tatyana Ermilova, manager of the administration of Bataysk.

Batai residents discuss the search for an animal in city chats. People have done their research. They say that the crocodile really escaped from the village of Solnechny, it's in Bataysk.

The crocodile has no chance to survive on Don

Zoologist Timofei Barabashin(Southern Federal University) believes that the probability of a crocodile attacking people is very small.

«Crocodile — a heat-loving animal, so until autumn he will feel comfortable on the Don. But these reptiles we will not survive winter during the winter      commented the candidate of biological sciences.

This is not the first case in the Rostov region, when residents make a fuss about exotic representatives found in the natural nature.

Don fishermen periodically catch in  piranha ponds. Experts attribute these cases to the fact that aquarists deliberately release critters into the natural environment.

The             — no.

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