In Ukraine, the property of a businessman from Russia was arrested for $ 13.5 million

In Ukraine, the property of a network of entertainment and catering establishments worth UAH 400 million was arrested. The Economic Security Bureau considered that the owner intended to avoid sanctions through fictitious transactions

In Ukraine, the property of a Russian businessman, which belonged to him through offshore accounts and controlled persons, was seized, the businessman intended to avoid possible sanctions and seizure of property rights through fictitious transactions, reported in Ukrainian Bureau of Economic Security.

The seized property is estimated at more than 400 million hryvnia ($13.55 million), we are talking about a network of entertainment and catering establishments located in different cities of Ukraine.

“Regulations of the investigating judge seized real estate: a public catering establishment, land plots, a multifunctional entertainment and recreation complex with a public catering establishment,” — the message says.

The Bureau noted that they are constantly studying the ownership of enterprises to find “assets of Russia and Belarus”, then they are transferred to the Ukrainian Agency for the Tracing and Management of Assets (ARMA). From the end of February to the middle of July, the agency transferred seized assets (including Russian ones) worth 1.5 billion hryvnias ($41 million).

The agency did not specify either the name of the Russian businessman whose property was seized, or the name of the entertainment and catering chain.

According to Interfax-Ukraine sources, and Obozrevatel, we are talking about the Bulldozer Group holding, whose managing partner is the Russian restaurateur Alexander Orlov. The agency indicates that there are restaurants of the group in Kyiv, Kharkov and Odessa: Frou Frou, Not Only Fish, Yellow Sea, Pila Fish; and Eshak, Queen Odessa, Queen Kyiv restaurant complex and Queen Country Club,.

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At the same time, the Ukrainian restaurants of the Bulldozer Group broke off “any relationship” due to the events in Ukraine ; with Orlov. About this “” at the end of April, the former head of the company's PR service, Alexander Grigorenko, announced. According to him, all the restaurants of the group on the territory of Ukraine were independent, their owners were citizens of Ukraine, and the Bulldozer Group carried out the management activities of these establishments, whose premises are leased.

Grigorenko emphasized then that from February 25 in Kyiv, Kharkov and Odessa, they were engaged in cooking for employees of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and civilians. “Our mission was— to provide food for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the terrorist defense, hospitals, shelters, as well as people who were in bomb shelters or simply needed it, — he said.

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