CNN learned about the Pentagon’s study of the “unsafe” actions of the Chinese army

China has become “more courageous” in the Pacific Ocean, an analysis of incidents and interactions between the armies of China and the United States should be carried out, according to the Pentagon. The US Secretary of Defense has previously spoken of an increase in provocative activity near Taiwan. “CNN learned of the Pentagon's study of the “unsafe” actions of the Chinese army” />

The Pentagon will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the military interactions of the US Army with the Chinese military over the past five years in connection with concerns about “unsafe” and “unprofessional” China's actions in the Indo-Pacific region, CNN writes, citing three Defense Department officials.

The corresponding instruction was given by the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, since Chinese aircraft and ships are sometimes too close to US military installations , according to the TV channel. Unnamed CNN interlocutors noted that Milley intends to receive an analysis of changes in the behavior of the Chinese military.

The issue of interactions between the armies of the United States and China is so sensitive that the parties often do not make incidents public, CNN points out. In June, a U.S. Special Forces C-130 transport aircraft had “something like a skirmish” in June, according to the channel. with Chinese aircraft. At the same time, the Pentagon has not officially recognized this incident, the channel notes.

“China has been on the rise economically and militarily for more than a decade. He got bolder in the Pacific,” — Millie told CNN. He added that “strategic risk” can be reduced by maintaining lines of communication between the parties and “managing the rivalry.”

The dangerous actions of the Chinese military in the Pentagon have been reported before. In mid-June, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced a series of aggressive actions by China that endanger security in Asia. He promised that Washington would support the allies to resist the pressure.

“We have witnessed a steady increase in provocative and destabilizing military activity near Taiwan. This includes a record number of PLA (People's Liberation Army of China. — RBC) flights near Taiwan in recent months— and on an almost daily basis,"— Austin said.

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China responds by accusing the U.S. of a “Cold War mentality” and distortion of the One China principle because of the support of Taiwan. “The American side promised not to seek to change China's system, it should respect the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics chosen by the Chinese people, and stop slandering and attacking,” said in the message of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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