Biden announces new $1 billion military aid to Zelensky

The new package will include additional artillery weapons and ammunition, as well as missile systems. In addition, the United States will send humanitarian aid, which will include drinking water and medical supplies. .jpg” alt=”Biden announces $1 billion in new military aid to Zelensky” />

Joe Biden

The United States will provide $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, President Joe Biden said in a statement following talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, posted on the White House website.

“I informed President Zelensky that the United States is providing Ukraine with another $1 billion in security assistance, including more artillery and coast guards, as well as ammunition for artillery and advanced missile systems,»,— Biden said in a statement.

Biden said Washington will also provide $225 million worth of humanitarian assistance to the population of Ukraine. This includes drinking water, food, medical supplies and money for citizens to buy basic necessities.

The US administration's plans to announce a new military aid package were previously reported by Bloomberg and Reuters. Reuters specified that it would consist of two parts: $350 million worth of weapons would come from the U.S. stockpile of surplus military equipment, and the remaining $650 million would be funded through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative program. (USAI).

Missiles for multiple launch rocket systems and shells for M777 howitzers will be handed over to Ukraine from the US weapons depots, the agency noted. The $650 million package, according to Bloomberg, will include Harpoon anti-ship missiles, which, in addition to ships, can also hit ground defense infrastructure.

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