Without crutches. AiF readers collected for an operation for Dima Batrakov

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 24. With the use of edged weapons 15/06/2022

Dima Batrakovfrom Cheboksary, about whom we wrote in March 23 issue, has been operated on. Doctors bit by bit collected the sciatic nerve of a teenager damaged during a car accident. Dima does not yet feel his foot, but he is already moving it and walking.

Thanks to you, Dima no longer needs crutches. For the first time in a long time, he came to the final exams on his own, without holding his mother by the arm. In order for the sensitivity in the left leg to be fully restored and Dima would begin to feel touch, heat and cold, time is needed for regeneration of the restored nerve (according to estimates of doctors, about a year) and rehabilitation. The Batrakovs are going to the first in July. But now Dima is moving his foot to the right and left, she has become obedient, as before. Every day in the Batrakov family begins with massage and ends with it. And still among the daily affairs – Exercise therapy and standing on applicator. After the operation, all efforts give excellent results.

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