The UN called the shelling of a maternity hospital in Donetsk a violation of humanitarian law

The UN considers any shelling of medical facilities a violation of international law, the organization commented on the shelling of a maternity hospital in Donetsk. A residential building and a market also suffered from shelling, there are dead *

Media reports about the shelling of a Donetsk maternity hospital are of extreme concern, attacks on medical facilities are unacceptable, spokesman for the UN Secretary General Stefan Duzhzharyk told TASS.


“Any strikes on civilian infrastructure, especially medical facilities, are a clear violation of international law,”— he said.

The shells also hit a residential building in the center of Donetsk and a marketplace, an insecurity that is becoming a problem for the UN to provide vital assistance in the region, Duzhzharyk said during a briefing. The representative of the UN Secretary General emphasized: “All parties to the conflict must respect international humanitarian law and protect the civilian population. It is extremely important that all violations against civilians be immediately stopped,” calling for the people who found themselves in the zone of military clashes to be allowed to leave this territory.

TASS writes that we are talking about the maternity hospital of the hospital them. Vishnevsky, it caught fire after a shell hit. The Ministry of Health of the DPR reports that a total of five medical facilities were damaged during the shelling: in addition to the maternity hospital, these are city hospitals No. 1 and No. 20, primary health care centers No. 7 and No. 8, the Donetsk News Agency (DAN) reports.

DAN claims that it was Ukrainian troops who fired several hundred rounds of ammunition at Donetsk, the highest number in the entire conflict. At least four people were killed, more than 20 were injured, the agency writes.

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The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, later announced the attraction of additional resources to strengthen the defense of the territory of the republic. He clarified that, first of all, we are talking about Russian forces. Pushilin stressed that an understanding had already been “reached” on this issue, without specifying with whom.

“The enemy has literally crossed all lines: prohibited methods of warfare are being used, the sleeping and central regions of Donetsk are being shelled , also under fire now are other cities and towns of the DPR,— said the head of the republic.

The Kremlin then stated that the main goal of the special operation in Ukraine— protection of the LPR and DPR.

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