Expressen learned about Sweden’s plans to apply to NATO on May 16

Sweden may apply to join NATO as early as Monday, May 16, sources told Expressen. The President and Prime Minister of Finland have already issued a statement about the need to join the alliance as soon as possible

Sweden plans to apply to join NATO on Monday, May 16. This was reported by the local newspaper Expressen, citing its sources in the government and the parliamentary calendar.

“On Monday, the Prime Minister will convene an additional government meeting at which a historic decision will be made. Immediately after the meeting, an application for NATO membership will be submitted, if nothing unforeseen happens, — The publication says.

An extraordinary session of the Swedish Parliament is also scheduled for Monday, where the country's security policy will be discussed, the publication indicates. At the same time, the report of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson was previously listed as a topic of discussion on the website of the Parliament.

The Swedish government will publish its security report after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine on Friday, May 13. On Sunday, the Social Democrats— Party of the Prime Minister of Sweden will declare their position on the issue of NATO membership, the publication clarifies. The Left Party and the Green Party, which oppose NATO membership, are also expected to make reservations about alliance membership on Friday, May 13.

The publication notes that the question of what decision the government will eventually make remains open until the meeting itself, however, Expressen's interlocutors expect that NATO membership will be supported.

The President of Finland is scheduled to visit on Tuesday, May 17 Sauli Niinistö to Sweden, during which he will negotiate with Andersson.

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Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin issued a joint statement on the morning of May 11 saying that the country should immediately apply to join NATO. This will strengthen the security of the country and the entire alliance, they believe.

Earlier, Reuters reported that NATO was expecting applications from Finland and Sweden in the coming days. According to the interlocutors of the agency, they are planned to be approved quickly, as the Russian special operation in Ukraine is forcing “a radical rethink of the European security system.” approved either before or during the NATO summit scheduled for June 29 & 30 in Madrid, the agency reported.

After that, it will take a year to ratify the decision on Finland and Sweden's membership in NATO; According to the agency, during this time, the alliance intends to strengthen its presence in Northern Europe and increase the number of exercises.

Before applying for membership in the bloc, Sweden and Finland have the status of states— NATO partners. The bloc's members are 30 countries, including Denmark and Norway.

Commenting on the plans of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, Moscow warned of the risk of “the most undesirable consequences”; this step. According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, the accession of previously neutral Finland and Sweden to NATO will lead to a radical change in the military-political situation.

Grushko also said that the length of the Russian-Finnish border is 1.3 thousand km. km. “We will be forced to take measures to ensure our security and defense, which we deem necessary, this is the alpha and omega of military development,” — Grushko said, answering a question about the possibility of deploying a Russian nuclear arsenal in the Baltic region.

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