Volodin invited countries to leave the EU in order to maintain sovereignty

If the EU countries want to preserve their sovereignty, they need to leave the union, the speaker of the State Duma said. This is how he reacted to the proposal of the European Parliament to make decisions not by unanimity, but by a qualified majority ” alt=” Volodin suggested that countries leave the EU in order to maintain sovereignty” />

Viacheslav Volodin

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, commenting in his Telegram on the decision of the European Parliament to reform the European Union, said that “European unity is collapsing.”

“If the states that are part of the EU today want to preserve sovereignty and defend the interests of their citizens, they have only one way left— exit from the European Union»,— he thinks.

According to Volodin, the European Parliament approved, among other things, the initiative to abolish the principle of joint decision-making, “in other words, it is proposed to abandon the right of veto of EU members.” The speaker of the State Duma believes that the opinions of individual states and their citizens will not be taken into account, and this will lead to the fact that “millions of Europeans will be deprived of the right to vote.”

Resolution on deep reform of the EU in question, the European Parliament adopted on 4 May. The document was adopted as a result of public consultations with residents of European countries during the year as part of the conference “The Future of Europe”.

In the document following the results of this conference, in particular, it is proposed to abolish the principle of unanimous adoption of the most important decisions. “All issues decided by unanimity must be decided by a qualified majority of votes (two-thirds or three-quarters of those present. — RBC). The exceptions will be the issues of admission of new members to the EU and changes in the fundamental principles of the EU, — says the document.

According to MEPs, the unanimous decision-making mechanism “makes it difficult to reach an agreement.” At the same time, they proposed to ensure a “fair calculation of the weight of votes” in order to protect the interests of small countries.

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