Zelensky proposed to Europe a scheme for the exchange of electricity for gas

Kyiv would like to receive gas from Europe and supply its own electricity there, which is generated in large volumes. At the end of February, Ukrenergo asked residents of the country not to save electricity because of its surplus

Ukraine can help European countries with electricity supplies, in exchange the country expects to receive financial assistance or gas, relevant discussions among the competent departments have already are underway, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with Polish journalists. The video was published in his Telegram channel.

“We will be happy to give the opportunity not to depend on Russia and to provide electric energy, and, on the other hand, we can, on mutual friendly relations, receive an insufficient amount of gas for us, for example, from Europe. Give electricity— get gas»,— said the Ukrainian leader.

As examples of potential recipients of Ukrainian electricity, Zelensky named Greece, Moldova and Romania, noting that many countries could become them.

According to him, in Ukraine “a very large” generation of electricity at nuclear power plants, the issue of its supply to European countries is already being worked out. “Our ministers and all the relevant leaders of various oil and gas companies began to communicate,” — said the President of Ukraine, noting that as long as hostilities continue and the associated difficulties persist, this issue will not develop quickly.

“We have a financial deficit today. Today we have somewhere €5-7 billion per month. This is something that is not enough just for wages. And so we also need the generation of this money,»,— Zelensky emphasized.

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On the night of February 24, Ukrenergo announced the complete disconnection of Ukraine from the Russian and Belarusian energy systems. This happened as part of the tests of our own power system, isolated from the systems of Russia and Belarus, the purpose of which was to prepare for synchronization with the ENTSO-E power system of Europe.

Four days later, on February 28, Ukrenergo urged Ukrainians to consume more electricity and not save, explaining that since the beginning of the Russian special operation, the level of consumption has fallen by 27%, because of which “three nuclear power units and two conventional ones have stopped working.” In addition, the energy company pointed out that twice as much coal had accumulated in the warehouses of the TPP than a year earlier— 733 thousand tons against 376 thousand tons.

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