The mayor of Yekaterinburg said that Solovyov “knows nothing” about the city

Mayor Orlov spoke in defense of Yekaterinburg residents, saying that he was surprised by the “epithets” that the city “awarded” TV presenter Solovyov. Earlier, he called Yekaterinburg “the center of the vile liberota”

Alexei Orlov

It seems that TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, who called Yekaterinburg “the center of a vile liberota”, knows nothing about its inhabitants, wrote mayor of the city Alexei Orlov on the page in “VKontakte”.

our Yekaterinburg TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov. It seems that he knows nothing about our townspeople,»,— he noted.

According to Orlov, for all three centuries of its history, Yekaterinburg lives “for the sake of the security and prosperity of its country: without departing from the machines, it creates weapons, sends its sons to the front.”

“And this is not some irretrievably lost history. 80 years ago, Sverdlovsk children raised money for the construction of tanks, helped the evacuees to settle down. And today in Yekaterinburg, citizens and patrons have spent hundreds of millions of rubles to help doctors in the fight against the pandemic, — he wrote.

Also in the Urals, as in the past, they produce weapons that are “one of Russia's decisive arguments on the battlefield”, in particular, in Yekaterinburg they produce the Caliber missile, the mayor noted.

“Therefore I want to speak in defense of Yekaterinburg residents. I think that it is absolutely wrong and incorrect to draw conclusions about a city with a population of 1.5 million people, based on single statements, & mdash; concluded Orlov.

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Earlier, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev also reacted to the words of the TV presenter. He recorded a video message in which he expressed the hope that Solovyov uttered his words thoughtlessly and rashly. «In the Ural— Let me remind you, this is the supporting edge of the power— they love and appreciate people who watch their language. I wish you to watch your language,»,— noted the head of the region.

Solovievzhe then lashed out at Kuyvashev, saying that if the governor had questions for him, he could call personally and ask them. “Are you trying to show me according to the concepts, chtoli? <…> This is what happened now— “watch your tongue”? Are you shooting an arrow, governor? »— Solovyov said. The presenter also called his words deliberate.

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