Stores of things found at Kazakh marauders: from vacuum cleaners to antifreeze

Citizens of Kazakhstan began to report their neighbor robbers to the police

The anti-terrorist operation in many regions of Kazakhstan has come to an end. The state of emergency has been canceled in Karaganda, Turkestan, East Kazakhstan regions and in the city of Chimkent. Now the Kazakh police are focusing on the looters. Information about profiting from the riots comes from different parts of the country. They don't find anything on the rioters: from rubber gloves and children's toys to expensive equipment and firearms.

Photo: AP

Police departments in Kazakhstan post reports of detained marauders almost hourly. The portrait of the rioters is almost always the same – young villagers from 20 to 27 years old. In the Alma-Ata region, law enforcement officers detained two groups of looters who robbed shops at gas stations. Packages of machine oil, antifreeze, and drinks were confiscated from them.

Another group of young people from the city of Esik and the village of Kyzylzhar was detained by a call from well-wishers. At home, they found kitchen knives, gas stoves, sports and children's things (jeans, sweaters, jackets, sneakers, shoes), several canisters of antifreeze. “As it turned out, the detainees were repeatedly prosecuted for theft, but escaped punishment in connection with reconciliation. According to them, they stole equipment, things and objects in Almaty from Tekhnodom and Sulpak stores,” the police said.< /p>

When checking the car of four residents of the village of Aymen, televisions, vacuum cleaners, music speakers, microphones, synthesizers, toys in boxes and other household appliances were found in the car. It turned out that the equipment was stolen by them from the Alma-Ata store “Dream”.

Again, at the call of initiative citizens in the Alma-Ata region, a warehouse of weapons and ammunition was discovered on a farm near the village of Shebek. In addition to the arsenal of weapons of the arsenal of weapons, one police shield was found. Now the involvement of the owner of the farm in the riots will be clarified.

  Civilian patrols in the village of Panfilovskoye, Alma-Ata region, found in the car of villagers many boxes with branded women's shoes worth hundreds of thousands of tenge. The man claimed that he found the shoes “in the swamp.” But the boxes were clean and new. He was handed over to the police along with the shoes.

And in the car of a 20-year-old resident of the village of Bolek, the traffic police saw gloves, masks, a sewing machine, accessories, a water filter, a paper box wrapped in orange tape with the inscription “Technodom” with a package of orange masks with emblems of the trade center.

In general, citizens did not shy away from the opportunity to grab at least some free goods – up to penny masks.


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