Putin chaired most alarming coronavirus meeting: Omicron is already taking off

Russia has two weeks left

Vladimir Putin warned that in two weeks Russia will begin a large-scale outbreak of the Omicron coronavirus strain. The Kremlin has no doubts that the incidence will be very high, but it hopes that Russia will be able to cope with the new wave better than other countries.

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“I hope that we will have certain advantages in terms of the timely adoption of the necessary decisions,” the president said at a meeting with members of the Cabinet. The introduction of a lockdown due to Omicron is not yet discussed, and the adoption of laws on QR codes in transport and in public places was denied by Dmitry Peskov.

Official statistics of morbidity “ Omicron '' grows before our eyes. & nbsp; On January 11, at the government headquarters, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, announced 305 cases of infection with the new strain. And by morning & nbsp; On January 12, their number more than doubled: Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova reported to Vladimir Putin about 698 patients, most of whom are in Moscow and the Moscow region. & Nbsp;

“ The metropolitan region, according to an already established negative tradition, is likely to take the first blow of the spread of a new strain, '' she said. In general, according to the results of the first week of January, the incidence of coronavirus in the country decreased by almost 20%: 471.5 thousand people are now under the supervision of doctors (in November there were more than 1.3 million), of which 116 thousand are in hospitals. But Golikova called this happy picture is distorted. & nbsp;

First, many did not make it to the doctor. Secondly, the testing rate dropped in 66 regions. On our own behalf, we add that not every case is subjected to long and complex sequencing of the virus, but the test system for detecting Omicron for 1.5 hours and its differentiation from the “ Delta '' was registered in Russia just the day before. Therefore, in fact, the authorities do not know for certain not only the number of current patients, but also what percentage of them are carriers of a new highly infectious mutation.

However, Vladimir Putin reassured: “ a couple of weeks to get ready '' the authorities still have a massive influx of patients. “ It is quite obvious that we are, of course, in a very difficult situation & nbsp; – & nbsp; in a situation of anticipation of possible new outbreaks, especially since the holidays are large, communication between people was very intense at this time, and this cannot but affect the epidemiological situation in the country, '' he said. & nbsp;

< p> According to the president, the authorities made the right decision by sending Russian epidemiologists to South Africa in December, where they got acquainted with the new strain and obtained samples for detailed study in laboratory conditions.

Another advantage is the time gap and the opportunity to use the experience of other countries that met with Omicron before the Russian Federation. Putin instructed the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Mikhail & nbsp; Mishustin to conduct a total mobilization of all institutions involved in the fight against coronavirus – & nbsp; from federal to local and industry. & Nbsp; “ We need to work with everyone and be ready for the attacks of this virus on its new round, '' VVP ordered. & nbsp;

So far, the operational headquarters has an action plan adopted at the end of 2021. It provides for the formation of the necessary supply of medicines, PPE, maintaining in working order a reserve of beds (now 164 thousand beds have been deployed with a potential of more than 300 thousand) and equipment, as well as an increase in the volume of testing.

According to Golikova, during the first half of 2022, the regions will receive 3.5 million test systems every month. At the same time, any citizen with signs of a cold has the right to free research according to the updated rules. & Nbsp;

The Deputy Prime Minister clarified that in case of an unfavorable development of the situation, additional proposals are being prepared, which will be formulated and reported to Putin by the end of this week.

After the meeting, Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the Kremlin was preparing for a “ very high figures '' morbidity. (Recall that while the maximum for the Russian Federation is 41 thousand cases per day, Anna Popova announced on the eve of a possible six-figure daily growth rate. Moreover, due to the high contagiousness and short incubation period, peak values ​​will be reached within a month.)

However, despite gloomy forecasts, the Kremlin has no plans to introduce a federal two-week lockdown, as some experts suggest. The presidential administration, according to Peskov, will continue to work in person, for Putin himself, who at the end of 2021 increased the number of personal contacts, recommendations will be formulated by specialists. & Nbsp;

“ According to preliminary data, Omicron '' flows easier. Perhaps this will reduce the burden on the healthcare system, '' the spokesman hopes. Peskov denied media reports that due to the invasion of Omicron deputies were allegedly given the command to adopt bills on the introduction of QR codes in transport and in public places in the original tough version from February 1.

The actions of the governors are evidence of the fact that there are no plans to increase restrictions so far: in some regions decided to abandon the use of vaccination certificates from January 15-20 or reduce the list of places to visit which they are required.

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