Russians in Kazakhstan promised free mobile calls

The ministries and operators agreed on free calls for Russians in Kazakhstan To prevent network overload, they decided to limit free time to 120 minutes per day for one subscriber

The Ministry of Digital Development is jointly co-sponsored by the Big Four; (MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2) agreed to provide free communication during the state of emergency in Kazakhstan, the ministry's press service said. Subscribers will be able to make calls, receive incoming calls and SMS messages, including with a negative balance.

Non-chargeable communications in Kazakhstan will be available to Russian subscribers from January 12 to 19, 2022. To avoid network congestion, the maximum time for telephone calls will not exceed 120 minutes per day for each subscriber. In addition, everyone who has been roaming in Kazakhstan since January 5 will be able to request a recalculation of costs from their operator.

In the press service of T2 RTK Holding (Tele2 brand) RBC reported that they are already working on the implementation of this initiative. “ Since January 8, we have made free calls from Russia and Kazakhstan to the hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help Russians in Kazakhstan, '' & mdash; noted in the company.

MegaFon; promised to support their clients in Kazakhstan. “ In the coming days, our subscribers will be able to make free calls to Russia to address priority issues in a difficult life situation, '' & mdash; replied in the company.

According to the operators, there are about 30 thousand Russians in Kazakhstan.

Earlier, State Duma deputies from United Russia, members of the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications proposed to the Ministry of Digital Science and the Big Six; telecom operators to abolish roaming charges for Russians who are or have been in Kazakhstan from January 5 to 19, said the head of the committee, Alexander Khinshtein. He explained this proposal by the fact that it is difficult for citizens to get through to diplomatic missions and airlines, as well as relatives and friends during an emergency, including due to serious expenses.

At the same time, the deputy stressed, it is important not to allow abuse by subscribers and operators themselves.

Riots in Kazakhstan began on January 2 with demonstrations to protest the rise in prices for liquefied gas for cars. However, they soon spread to many large cities of the country, pogroms began, attacks on administrative buildings, shootings with the forces of law and order. Since January 5, a state of emergency and a curfew have been in effect in Kazakhstan. For several days, the Internet and cellular communications did not work in the country, reports of interruptions in communication are regularly received now.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has organized evacuation flights for Russians from Kazakhstan. According to the department, since January 8, when the export flights began, more than 1.5 thousand Russians have returned from the country to their homeland.

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