Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: the transfer of the CSTO peacekeeping forces to Kazakhstan continues

Plot Protests in Kazakhstan amid rising gas prices

The transfer of the main forces of the Russian contingent of the CSTO peacekeeping forces to the airfields of Almaty and 'Zhitygen' continues in Kazakhstan, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Airborne forces at airfields in the Moscow, Ivanovo and Ulyanovsk regions are loading standard equipment and weapons onto aircraft.

-transport aviation is planned to perform more than 20 flights '', & ndash; the message says.

The Ministry of Defense has created an air group of more than 70 Il-76 aircraft and five An-124. The CSTO peacekeeping forces in Kazakhstan were headed by the commander of the Russian Airborne Forces, Colonel-General & nbsp; Andrey Serdyukov.

The arrived units have already begun to fulfill the assigned tasks. Peacekeepers are involved in the protection of important government and military facilities. In addition, they assist the law enforcement forces of Kazakhstan in stabilizing the situation.

Also, & nbsp; will be sent to the country & nbsp; servicemen from Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.


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